What Libraries Need to Know Now About the Research Data Lifecycle

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Recorded on 09/07/2023

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

Learn more about Research Data Management (RDM) – funder policies, repositories, monitoring, and more.


Research Data Management (RDM) is a growing field within libraries that has recently accelerated due to new federal data sharing guidelines. There is an increased need for library workers to better understand what researchers are experiencing, including barriers to entry and administrative overload, as they navigate the research lifecycle from grant application to data deposit, preservation, and reuse.

Join us for an open conversation with a data repository expert/GREI (NIH-backed Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative) member and a former library technologist as we discuss the research lifecycle from the perspective of the researcher – taking a walk in their shoes and exploring opportunities libraries have to support them at critical intersections on the path to success.

This webinar will follow the researcher lifecycle via a checklist format, with anecdotes, examples, and use cases from conversations with library workers, researchers, ethics officers, the NIH, and Data Repository technologists. Audience participation in the conversation will be encouraged.

Who should attend?

  • Library workers and leaders interested in data management, institutional and data repositories, scholarly communication, and RDM strategy


  • Image of Traci Snowden

    Traci Snowden

    Product Manager Digital Commons & RDMElsevier

    Traci Snowden is a technology professional with 13+ years of experience spanning business development, product, content, and executive leadership, serving the A&G markets. World traveler, polyglot, and tech enthusiast, she is a didactic learner and a self-described creative problem solver.Traci is dedicated to the growth and success of Mendeley Data and its participation in the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI ) with the NIH and ongoing Research Data Management (RDM) efforts.

  • Image of Emily Singley

    Emily Singley

    Vice President, North American Library RelationsElsevier

    Emily Singley is the Vice President, North American Library Relations at Elsevier. Previously she served as Associate University Librarian for Technology and Technical Services at Boston College, where her management portfolio included scholarly communication, metadata, technology, digitization, and acquisitions. Prior to that Emily held library technology roles at Harvard University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Curry College.

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