What librarians need to know about research integrity

Sponsored by Springer Nature
Recorded on 07/25/2023

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

Learn how to promote responsible research practices from experts in the field.


Research integrity forms the bedrock of scientific inquiry and scholarly work, encompassing a wide range of principles and practices that ensure the reliability, reproducibility, and transparency of research outcomes. Librarians are at the forefront of supporting researchers and facilitating their access to information. Understanding the intricacies of research integrity equips them with the knowledge they need to guide researchers towards good ethical conduct and navigate the evolving landscape of scholarly publishing.

Help your researchers to conduct research ethically.

Join us for this 1-hour webinar where we aim to enhance your understanding of research integrity and shed light on the pivotal role librarians play in upholding and promoting ethical practices in academic research, and how Springer Nature and its publications can assist.

  • Chris Graf, Research Integrity Director at Springer Nature, will delve into the multifaceted aspects of research integrity and explore the critical role librarians play in promoting and safeguarding it within their institutions.
  • Allison Doerr, Chief Editor of Nature Methods and Dominique Morneau-Brosnan, Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Methods Primers will showcase how their respective Nature Portfolio journals contribute to enhancing research integrity, and demonstrate how these journals can support librarians and researchers alike to promote responsible research practices.


  • Image of Chris Graf

    Chris Graf

    Research Integrity DirectorSpringer Nature

    Chris is Research Integrity Director at Springer Nature. He has a long-standing commitment to excellence in research publishing, research integrity, and open research. He’s chair of the Governance Board for the STM Association Integrity Collaborations Hub, member of the Programme Committee and Chair of the Poster & Award Committee for the 2022 World Conference on Research Integrity, and committee member of the UK Committee on Research Integrity, hosted by UKRI.

  • Image of Allison Doerr

    Allison Doerr

    Chief EditorNature Methods

    Allison joined Nature Methods in February 2005 and has been its Chief Editor since November 2018. She began her scientific career studying polymer chemistry as an undergraduate at Vassar College. She obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton University working in George McLendon’s laboratory, studying de novo protein receptor design and protein-ligand interactions.

  • Image of Dominique Morneau-Brosnan

    Dominique Morneau-Brosnan

    Chief EditorNature Reviews Methods Primers

    Dominique is the chief editor of Nature Reviews Methods Primers, which began publication in January 2021. She was an editor at Genome Biology and Communications Biology before launching Nature Reviews Methods Primers in January 2020. Dominique has a PhD from Carleton University in Canada and a graduate diploma in science policy.

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