Transforming Course Reserves to Improve Learning and Faculty Engagement

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Recorded on 02/25/2021

Posted in Library Leadership and Management


Adelphi University Libraries’ course reserves policies were in desperate need of reform. Faculty were unhappy with the burdensome process the Libraries had implemented and as a result, many didn’t use the library for their course materials. The Libraries leveraged the COVID-19 shutdown and the resulting shift in library priorities, faculty needs and student expectations to reevaluate their role in supporting teaching and learning. As a result, the Libraries are better integrated into the curriculum, creating a seamless experience with course resources for both faculty and students. Moving forward, the library is now well positioned to better support strategic initiatives, such as higher education affordability and access to information.


  • Image of Jason Byrd

    Jason Byrd

    Associate Dean for Research and User EngagementAdelphi University Libraries

    Jason Byrd is the Associate Dean for Research and User Engagement at Adelphi University Libraries. He holds an MA in History and Master of Library and Information Studies, both from the University of Alabama. Previously, he was Coordinator of Instruction at Adelphi and Head of Information Services at George Mason University. His research interests include teacher-librarian identity, information literacy, and teaching with technology.

  • Image of Jessie Ransom

    Jessie Ransom

    Teaching and Learning Product SpecialistEx Libris

    Jessie Ransom is the teaching and learning product specialist for Ex Libris. She works with libraries around the world to understand their goals and challenges in supporting teaching and learning. She has been with Ex Libris for 6 years, and before that she worked as a reference librarian in her home state of Colorado. She has an MLIS from the University of Washington.