The Right Resources Change Everything

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Recorded on 11/16/2017

Posted in Collection Development and Management

Introducing ccAdvisor, an Online Review Guide to Digital Resources


In these tough budget times, and with hundreds if not thousands of digital resources for libraries to choose from, there is now an authoritative and ground-breaking evaluation tool that makes the potentially time-consuming and daunting selection process significantly simpler. This webinar is an introduction to the features and benefits of the new ccAdvisor database, the searchable, peer-reviewed guide to information databases, websites, and tools. A collaboration between Choice and The Charleston Company, ccAdvisor provides in-depth evaluations and objective scoring of the works it reviews, with all reviews written by library professionals . Presenting will be one of ccAdvisor’s architects, Choice editor and publisher Mark Cummings. Valuable for faculty as well as librarians, the session will focus on ccAdvisor’s basic functions, including:

  • Getting started – setting up an account
  • Search strategies
  • Saving lists and setting up alerts
  • Constructing side-by-side comparison tables


Mark Cummings

Editor and Publisher
Choice, a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries

Choice editor and publisher Mark Cummings has worked in academic and educational publishing for almost thirty years, beginning his career in the reference and professional books division at Macmillan and continuing at Scribner’s and Oxford University Press. In the early 1990s he joined Grolier Publishing Company as editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia Americana and went on to become vice president and publisher of Grolier’s reference division. Over a ten year period Cummings built an online business that reached millions of students in the United States and overseas. Since 2000 he has concentrated on educational technology, first at Scholastic and then at Weekly Reader, where, as vice president for business development, he focused on creating new reference and literacy products for the school and library market. Cummings holds a B.A. from Michigan State University along with M.A. and M.Phil. degrees from Yale University in East Asia-related fields.