The Power of Partnership: Digital Collections for Academic Consortium

Sponsored by Rakuten Overdrive
Recorded on 10/04/2018

Posted in Ebooks and Digital Resources


In a world where students are on their computers and mobile devices 24/7, academic librarians know that digital content is the way of the future – but is there a way to provide titles without breaking the bank? With consortium collections, member libraries share resources, giving students and faculty access to the same library of digital content all on one platform. Christina Virden from Missouri’s MOBIUS consortium and Jeff Brunner from the Wisconsin Academic Library eBook Consortium will share their personal experiences establishing and growing a digital consortium and OverDrive’s Lindsey Levinsohn will provide information on getting started. Whether you’re an existing consortium wanting to increase reach or a group of stand-alone libraries looking to join forces, you won’t want to miss this free webinar!


Christina Virden
E-Resources Coordinator

Christina Virden is the E-Resources Coordinator of MOBIUS, where she strives to connect members with products and services that support the diverse needs of their communities. She is responsible for managing all aspects of the MOBIUS electronic resources offerings, along with developing and maintaining content for the MOBIUS website. Christina earned an MLS from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a JD from Hofstra University School of Law.

Jeff Brunner
Community Liaison/Service Specialist

Lindsey Levinsohn
Account Manager

Lindsey Levinsohn is an Account Manager at OverDrive, working with academic, corporate, and special libraries. Prior to joining the OverDrive team, she worked in public libraries as a collection development and technical services manager. She holds a master’s in library and Information Science from Kent State University.