The Inside-Out Library – How OA is Changing the Role of the Librarian

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Recorded on 02/27/2024

Posted in Open Access and Open Educational Resources

What is the role of the librarian in the age of open access (OA)?

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Factors like the 2022 OSTP memorandum have led to the rapid need to understand and adopt open access (OA) in the United States. For the library, this has led to a fundamental change in approach, with the emergence of new roles such as OA librarians, but also the introduction of new responsibilities – including researcher support services, research data management, and promoting the benefits of open science. Librarians are now not only acquiring and disseminating information resources, but also helping researchers share their work with the world.

Join speakers Mathew Willmott from California Digital Library and Keith Webster from Carnegie Mellon University as they share practical tips and insights from their experiences with OA at their institutions. Directors Caroline Nevison and Bob Boissy from Springer Nature offer a global perspective, highlighting key learnings from diverse regions.

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  • Image of Keith Webster

    Keith Webster

    Dean of University LibrariesCarnegie Mellon University

    Keith Webster, Dean of University Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University since 2013, also serves as Director of Emerging and Integrative Media Initiatives. Formerly Vice President at John Wiley and Sons, he led the University of Queensland’s library services. With diverse experience, including roles at Victoria University and HM Treasury, London, Keith is a Chartered Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (UK). A professional futurist, he consults on AI, data-informed community engagement, research evaluation, and the future of scholarly communication.

  • Image of Mathew Willmott

    Mathew Willmott

    Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements California Digital Library

    Mathew Willmott is the Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements at the California Digital Library, where he leads a team charged with managing transformative agreements which encompass both access to content and open access publication for the University of California system. This team’s work includes supporting and conducting negotiations, implementing and administering agreements, and conducting appropriate assessment of existing agreements and data-driven planning for future work in this area. Mathew has been working for CDL since 2015 providing data analysis and strategic planning to support a shift in library investments from subscriptions to open access. Prior to his work at CDL, Mathew spent nine years in various roles at the MIT Libraries.

  • Image of Caroline Nevison

    Caroline Nevison

    Director, Open Access Agreements Springer Nature

    Caroline has spent her career at Springer Nature, working directly with the library market in the online resource environment for over 15 years. She holds a position as Director, OA Agreements with global responsibility for the strategy and rollout of OA agreements, including Transformative Agreements and Fully OA agreements. This incorporates how to best meet external expectations for these agreements as well as working across the business to optimize the teams and processes in place to support the agreements

  • Image of Bob Boissy

    Bob Boissy

    Director, Account Development Americas Springer Nature

    Bob is the Director of Account Development for Springer Nature, providing technical and promotional support for academic, government, and corporate libraries and information centers in the US and Canada. He has worked in various roles in publishing and other library service organizations for 35 years. Bob has an MLS and has worked in various libraries in New York State. His Interests include information discovery, information literacy, data exchange, and the evolution of publishing and librarianship. He is a former President of NASIG, and currently serves on the NISO Information Discovery & Interchange Topic Committee, and the NISO Architecture Committee.

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