The changing face of children’s literature, ca.1820-1920

Sponsored by Adam Matthew Digital
Recorded on 10/22/2020

Posted in Primary Sources and Special Collections


How can books, toys, games and ephemera be used to research key cultural concepts and themes such as gender roles, religion, and work ethic?

Join Adam Matthew Digital as we discuss this topic and the launch of our latest collection, Children’s Literature and Culture.

We are delighted to be joined by Laura Wasowicz who has curated the Children’s Literature collection at the American Antiquarian Society since 1987. In discussion with our editorial team, Laura will be shining a light on the value of children’s print culture, exploring the variety of ways the rich content within the collection can aid researchers at all levels.


Laura Wasowicz

Curator of Children’s Literature
American Antiquarian Society

Rachael Gardner-Stephens

Senior Development Editor
Adam Matthew Digital

Natalie Dale

Assistant Editor
Adam Matthew Digital