Science, the press, and the public: Working with authors to convey research results

Sponsored by American Association for the Advancement of Science
Recorded on 11/10/2020

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research


At the Science family of journals, the research process doesn’t end with paper publication. Rather, publication marks the beginning of a new phase of communicating findings, including to global reporters. This earns media coverage that brings scientists’ work to the attention of collaborators, policymakers, and the public.

This talk will outline how the Science Press Package Team secures recognition for publishing authors and their work, and how the team helps the media understand the potential impact of scientific findings.

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  • Image of Colin O’Connor

    Colin O’Connor

    Communications AssociateScience Press Package

    Colin O’Connor has been helping Science family journal authors and their affiliated press officers (PIOs) connect with global reporters for four years. He strategizes with authors and PIOs on how to best connect with journalists while research is embargoed. He drives accurate news coverage by authoring contextualized summaries of forthcoming studies in the Science family’s press packages and communicates new work to the broadest possible audiences by moderating discussions between high-profile authors and the public, post-publication. He recently received his master’s degree in science writing from Johns Hopkins University.