Research Integrity and AI: Navigating Challenges and Leveraging Potential 

Sponsored by Springer Nature
Scheduled for Tuesday, May 21 at 11:00am

Posted in Library Technology and IT, Scholarly Communication and Research

Gain Valuable Insights into the Intersection of AI, Research Integrity, and Responsible Publishing.

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As AI continues to impact higher education, it brings forth new challenges and opportunities in maintaining academic integrity. Research integrity plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of research and its subsequent publication. Its significance resonates not only with the research community but also with publishers.  

Libraries, as indispensable partners, play a crucial role in upholding rigorous standards within scholarly endeavors. They serve as guides through the intricate landscape of AI adoption, ensuring its ethical application, and fostering a research ecosystem that places integrity at the forefront. 

Join Chris Graf, Research Integrity Director at Springer Nature, who leads a team that is at the forefront of integrating AI to enhance research integrity, for an enlightening one-hour session, where he delves into the following key areas, providing practical examples of: 

  1. AI’s Dual Role: Understanding both the threats and the potential benefits of AI in ensuring reliable research outcomes. 
  2. Publishing and Integrity: Examining the interplay between technology and human resources in maintaining research integrity. 
  3. Library Support: Recognizing the crucial role libraries play in fostering and upholding research integrity. 
  4. Resource Availability: Discovering essential resources that aid research integrity efforts. 

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  • Image of Chris Graf

    Chris Graf

    Research Integrity DirectorSpringer Nature

    Chris Graf is Research Integrity Director at Springer Nature. He has a long-standing commitment to excellence in research publishing, research integrity, and open research. He is chair of the Governance Board for the STM Integrity Hub and the STM Research Integrity Committee, member of the World Conference on Research Integrity Programme Committee, and member of the UKRI UK Committee on Research Integrity. 

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