Primary Sources Beyond History—Promoting Use Across the Disciplines

Sponsored by Accessible Archives and Unlimited Priorities
Recorded on 08/15/2019

Posted in Primary Sources and Special Collections


Digital collections of primary sources offer tremendous value for your campus, but are they being utilized to their fullest? Their relevance for historians seems obvious, but they can robustly support instruction and student success across the disciplines. This webinar will offer librarians insight into how primary sources can be used in multiple disciplinary contexts, for teaching qualitative and quantitative research methods, and for diverse projects and research outputs.

Attendees can expect to learn about:

  • Approaches to research from varied disciplines
  • Different types of primary sources
  • Creative ideas for teaching with primary sources
  • Widening the scope of usage for digital library collections


Darby Orcutt
Assistant Head, Collections & Research Strategy
North Carolina State University Libraries

Darby Orcutt is Assistant Head, Collections & Research Strategy, NC State University Libraries, Faculty, University Honors Program, Affiliated Faculty, Center for Innovative Management Studies, Affiliated Faculty, Genetic Engineering & Society Center, and Affiliated Faculty, Leadership in Public Science Cluster, as well as recently served as the Associate Chair of the Faculty of NC State. A national leader in developing models for access to proprietary and use-limited data for content mining and computational research, his current work revolves primarily around research support and engagement for interdisciplinary teams.

Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara
Assistant Professor and Digital Scholarship Librarian
Open & Digital Scholarship Services
Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship
University of Colorado Boulder University Libraries

Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara is the Digital Scholarship Librarian and Director of the Digital Scholarship Initiative in the Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her work is centered around empowering researchers to explore Digital Humanities (DH) and computational methods through workshops and her graduate course in CU’s DH Graduate Certificate Program. Prior to joining CU, she served as the History Research Librarian at Mississippi State University. She earned her MLS from Indiana University, and she holds two history degrees from University of California Riverside (BA) and Cal State Fullerton (MA).