PLA Webinar – Empowering Communities with Creativity: CRAFT & HOBBY

Sponsored by CRAFT & HOBBY
Recorded on 05/02/2023

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FREE, 60-minute Public Library Association (PLA) Webinar on CRAFT & HOBBY, an instructional video platform designed specifically for libraries.


We are all beautifully creative humans. The more creativity we can invite into our day-to-day lives the more fulfilling, interesting and meaningful our lives become. In this Webinar, we dig deeper into the power of creativity and why investing in creativity is so important to communities.

The success of library evolution will be contingent on the creation of inspiring and attractive services for libraries’ collections, activities, and space. That’s why we created CRAFT & HOBBY, an instructional video platform designed specifically for libraries. We aim to help patrons connect with their passions by offering the largest on-demand catalog of classes and instructional articles in the craft and hobby space. With CRAFT & HOBBY, you will have the opportunity to serve diverse makers in your community by giving them unlimited access to 9 plus online learning libraries, 4,000 plus hours of content, and 20 different creative disciplines.

With the upcoming launch of CRAFT & HOBBY, creativity as a community resource can become a reality. Our goal is to make CRAFT & HOBBY the largest, most comprehensive online learning resource in the craft and hobby space. We are excited to showcase the importance of creativity and how CRAFT & HOBBY can help patrons bring creativity into their lives.

In this webinar, we will highlight:

  • Why You Should Invest In Creativity
  • CRAFT & HOBBY Overview and Live Demo
  • A Snapshot into our Classes
  • Q&A Session


  • Image of Joey Kizer

    Joey Kizer

    Director, Business DevelopmentCRAFT & HOBBY

    Joey is the Director of Business Development at CRAFT & HOBBY. She brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating new partnership opportunities driven from market insights and needs. She has led a number of product launches, building tailored solutions for her line of business and potential clients. Joey has worked extensively in the development and go to market approach for CRAFT & HOBBY, ensuring a successful launch for libraries. From developing and leading go to market strategies and partnership opportunities, Joey can navigate the marketplace conditions and needs to maximize opportunities and deliver positive results for libraries and their patrons.

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