Open Access in Academia: History, Trends and Next Steps

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Recorded on 10/25/2022

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How are researchers, libraries and campus research offices approaching open access?


Open access is the wave of the future. In fact, in some places, it’s becoming the law of the land. In August of this year, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) updated policy guidance to make the results of taxpayer-supported research immediately available to the American public at no cost. Even now, many research grants in academia come with strict conditions regarding open access to data and results.

But it is far from just a top-down transition. According to a survey conducted by the New York City-based research firm Ithaka S+R in late 2021, nearly three-quarters of university faculty members under age 44 supported a move to open access publishing models.

The question is: How are researchers, libraries and research offices at leading universities handling the open access issue and what is next?

In the 2022 Ex Libris-Alterline market report, Supporting Academic Research – Understanding the Challenges, findings from a survey of researchers and senior research office members in the UK, the US, and Australia provide some key answers. The study gives us a window into open access requirements, the impact of open access compliance on administrative interdepartmental collaboration, and what open access support researchers expect from their university, as well as how these factors have changed over time.

In the “Open Access in Academia: History, Trends and Next Steps” webinar, we’ll be marking Open Access Week 2022 by examining how open access made its way into the academic world, what it means for libraries today, and what the future looks like.


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