One Tool, Many Applications: Collection Assessment for Changing Times

Sponsored by Resources for College Libraries
Recorded on 04/19/2023

Posted in Collection Development and Management

How are libraries applying collection assessment strategies to meet student needs and strategic goals?


Academic library collections are evolving to meet user needs, curricular changes, and campus goals. With shifting organizational strategies, librarians are applying new approaches to collection assessment projects.

Speakers from three institutions will share how they’ve utilized Resources for College Libraries and the Bowker Book Analysis System to analyze library holdings and improve collection services. We’ll highlight hands-on experiences across applications:

  • assessing the value of course-assigned ebooks;
  • conducting a diversity audit; and
  • supporting staff through a deselection and library downsizing project.

Join us and gain practical insights on how to implement continuous assessment, gather data, and develop quality collections.

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  • Image of Melissa Gonzalez

    Melissa Gonzalez

    Collection Development LibrarianUniversity of West Florida

    Melissa Gonzalez is the Collection Development Librarian and History, Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, Political Science, and Music liaison at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science and a Master of Arts in History from the University of Southern Mississippi. Her current professional interests center around collection management and assessment, with a particular focus on building and maintaining diverse collections.

  • Image of Tom Reich

    Tom Reich

    Acquisitions, Gifts, & Collection Development CoordinatorUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

    Tom Reich has worked at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Libraries since 1996. First, as student worker, then library assistant in U.S. and WI documents, and ultimately his current position as Collection Development Coordinator, Head of Acquisitions, Gifts Librarian. Tom is a product of UWSP, earning a B.S. in Political Science and MST-History w/Param Gun Sood MAGS Award. Tom’s MLIS is from UW-Milwaukee. Tom is deeply committed to assessing collections, following best practices in leveraging resources.

  • Image of Rachel Scott

    Rachel Scott

    Associate Dean for Information AssetsIllinois State University

    Rachel Scott is the Associate Dean for Information Assets at Illinois State University’s Milner Library. She received an MLS from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a PhD in historical musicology from the University of Memphis. Rachel is editor of Library Resources & Technical Services, co-editor of the NASIG Proceedings, and editorial board member for Resources for College Libraries.

  • Image of Julie Murphy

    Julie Murphy

    Collection Assessment LibrarianIllinois State University

    Julie Murphy is the Collection Assessment Librarian at Illinois State University’s Milner Library.  She received a BS in Physics and an MS in Curriculum & Instruction from Illinois State University, and an MLS from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her research interests center around collection development, collection assessment, and electronic textbooks.

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