Navigating Humanities and Social Sciences Consolidation in Scholarly Publishing

Sponsored by De Gruyter
Recorded on 09/26/2023

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

Join this free, 90-minute webinar to learn what consolidation challenges HSS independent and university press publishers face.


This webinar centers on the notable trends observed in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) publishing, focusing on sustainability and consolidation. Drawing inspiration from the Scholarly Kitchen article “Will Humanities and Social Sciences Publishing Consolidate?,” this webinar explores the challenges of efficiently operating a sustainable publishing enterprise, particularly in an era marked by uncertain revenue streams.

As a result, many publishers within the HSS sector are actively pursuing alternative sources of income or exploring collaborations involving shared infrastructure to improve distribution and publishing services.

To shed light on these trends and foster an insightful conversation, a panel of esteemed experts will first deliver their insights based on market research from HSS scholarly publishers and then engage in an open dialogue regarding their interpretation of these market dynamics.


  • Richard Fisher

    Academic and Policy Correspondent, Independent Publishers Guild; Former Academic MD of Cambridge UP and Deputy Chairman of Yale UP
  • Peter Berkery

    Executive Director The Association of University Presses
  • Mary Francis

    DirectorUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
  • Jon Elwell, GOBI

    Senior Vice President of BooksEBSCO
  • Michael Zeoli

    Director, Publisher PartnershipsDe Gruyter
  • Peter Potter

    Vice President, Publishing ServicesDe Gruyter

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