Introducing Nature Research Intelligence: Aiding in Data-Driven Research Strategies

Sponsored by Springer Nature
Recorded on 09/28/2022

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

How can Nature Research Intelligence aid in following trends, measuring performance, and developing data-driven research strategies?


Research today has become more competitive, multi-disciplinary, and dynamic. Research leaders are challenged to get the best insights into the current state of play and forward-looking trends much faster. Understanding the latest research trends, identifying collaboration opportunities, and creating holistic benchmarking are key challenges.

Join us in this 1-hour webinar presented by Springer Nature and Choice/ACRL for an introduction to Nature Research Intelligence, a brand new AI and editorially-driven suite of solutions designed to provide powerful, real-time, and comprehensive research insights. Nature has been the most trusted brand in research for 150 years and Nature Research Intelligence combines that experience, data, and editorial expertise to enable you to accurately measure research performance and create comprehensive data-driven research strategies.

With insights presented during this session, attendees will learn to quickly and easily access the data needed to help deliver high-performing research that improves the research workflow and enhances the scholarly output of their institution (academic, governmental, or corporate) and faculty.


  • Image of Markus Kaindl

    Markus Kaindl

    Group Product Manager, Research IntelligenceSpringer Nature

    Markus Kaindl is Group Product Manager for Research Intelligence within Springer Nature’s Data and Analytics Solutions group. As a Computational Linguist graduate from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, he was initially involved in text & data mining and natural language processing prior to joining research publishing nearly a decade ago. Since then, Markus’ eagerness to support research decision makers came to fruition by releasing a Linked Open Data scholarly knowledge graph and building internal analytics solutions. He is an experienced advocate for data-driven decision making by applying innovative metrics and cutting edge technology.

  • Image of Daren Howell

    Daren Howell

    Vice President, Research IntelligenceSpringer Nature

    Daren Howell is Vice President, Research Intelligence leading Nature Research Intelligence and Springer Nature’s internal Research Intelligence team. Daren’s early career focused on commercial R&D across environmental, automotive, defense and consumer goods resulting in several patents.  Since then, Daren has helped organizations deliver significant growth via the scientific application of data and AI to deliver effective decisions. With Nature Research Intelligence, Daren’s passion for using data to drive effective decisions now extends beyond Springer Nature to academic, government and corporate research organizations.

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