Improving Student Outcomes with Academic Video Content

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Recorded on 09/21/2022

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How Can Video Enhance Student Comprehension of Academic Research Articles?


A key part of many undergraduate and graduate programs is developing scientific literacy skills in students, often via professors having their students read, summarize, and then apply their understanding of scientific journal articles. This is both challenging to teach and for first-time students to master, since scientific papers are usually written by researchers for other researchers.  

A recent program of research from the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus has explored this problem, looking specifically at whether video content can play an effective role in improving student outcomes, both independently and with other resources.

Findings from the study were profound: first, a statistically significant improvement in student scores on quizzes measuring knowledge and understanding gained from articles being read; second, there was a strong correlation between quiz scores and students’ trust in the scientists who write articles, and that video can elevate that trust.

This webinar pulls together a leading researcher behind the study as well as one of the students who participated in it, alongside a university librarian. Together they will discuss the findings in detail and the implications for librarians and educators. The webinar will be moderated by Michael Carmichael of SAGE Publishing, which contributed some of its own video titles to each phase of the research study.


  • Steve Joordens

    Professor of PsychologyUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough

    Steve Joordens is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, with research interests in how educational technology can support the development of core skills of success.

  • Sapolnach Prompiengchai

    StudentUniversity of Toronto

    Sapolnach Prompiengchai is a student at the University of Toronto who participated in the study as a research subject.

  • David Kwasny

    Digital Projects and Technologies LibrarianUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough

    David Kwasny is Digital Projects and Technologies Librarian at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus.

  • Michael Carmichael (Moderator)

    Director, Library EditorialSAGE Publishing

    Michael Carmichael is Director, Library Editorial for SAGE Publishing, who oversees the SAGE Video and SAGE Research Methods product lines.

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