Humanizing Library and Vendor Relationships

Sponsored by Gale, part of Cengage Group
Recorded on 10/26/2023

Posted in Library Leadership and Management

How can librarians create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with vendors?


Join Jenn Brosek, Collection Strategist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Jacob Daoud, Senior Academic Library Consultant at Gale, for an instructional session about creating more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between libraries and vendors.

Drawing on Jenn and Jacob’s experience working together to meet the UNCC library’s needs through the variety of support, collaboration, products, and services vendors can provide, the discussion will include actionable advice for librarians to best navigate relationships with vendor representatives and get the most out of their partnerships.


  • Jenn Brosek

    Collection Strategist University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Jenn Brosek is the Collection Strategist at UNC Charlotte. She analyzes the collection and budget to recommend the best decisions for current and prospective resources. Jenn works closely with vendors on pricing, customizing deals and packages, license review, and negotiation. She makes sure subject librarians’ needs are met and heard by vendors. She loves that throughout her library career she has developed leadership in managing vendor relations and has had the opportunity to give presentations and train library professionals on this important aspect of collection development.

  • Jacob Daoud

    Senior Academic Library ConsultantGale, part of Cengage Group

    Jacob Daoud is a Senior Academic Library Consultant at Gale. In his role he works closely with academic libraries across the Southern United States to connect with Gale resources that will best meet their needs. Jacob is passionate about establishing deep and meaningful relationships with various stakeholders at the accounts he works with to ensure he has a holistic understanding of the unique challenges they are facing and how Gale can assist in addressing them.