Human centered design: Constructing library resources for the real-world needs of faculty and students

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Recorded on 07/23/2019

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research


We all know that learning and teaching strategies have become dynamic elements, changing with technology and current research. Join ProQuest Director of Product Management Brie Pegum as she takes us through an interactive, fascinating journey into how ProQuest is reinventing yesterday’s linear databases into interactive research, teaching and learning experiences that reflect and respond to the user. You’ll learn about how digging deep into the challenges faced by faculty, students and librarians spurred the creation of the world’s largest multidisciplinary research resource, ProQuest One Academic. Along the way, Brie will share compelling market research on multidisciplinary versus discipline-specific resources and give librarians insights into what will keep them ahead of the curve – today and in the future.


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    Brie Pegum

    Global Director / Product Innovation & Digital Strategy ProQuestProQuest

    Brie Pegum leads product and marketing strategy within ProQuest’s Information Solutions unit and is based in Cambridge, UK. She is responsible for enabling customer discovery and developing digital products that support and delight students, faculty and librarians. Brie received her BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of California Berkeley and her MBA from Oxford University.