How to Make Informed Investments with Digital Content that Increases Circ Numbers

Sponsored by OverDrive
Recorded on 10/08/2019

Posted in Ebooks and Digital Resources

One of the greatest challenges for college librarians is ensuring they purchase quality content their academic community needs. Digital resources like OverDrive allow librarians to see what content is being used on campus in order to make informed purchasing decisions in the future. The team at OverDrive will examine statistics in purchasing and how these digital resources impact circulation numbers while improving the quality of education for students. So if you’re looking for trends to make informed purchasing decisions, this webinar is for you.


Scott Derbin
Account Executive

Scott is an Account Executive at OverDrive, working with academic, corporate, and special libraries. He has helped find digital solutions for several professional partners through his deep understanding of the OverDrive product and the market he is serving. Scott holds a BS in Education from Kent State University, and an MA in Instruction and Teaching from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Lindsey Levinsohn
Collection Development

Lindsey Levinsohn is an Account Manager at OverDrive, working with academic, corporate, and special libraries. Prior to joining the OverDrive team, she worked in public libraries as a collection development and technical services manager. Lindsey holds a master’s in library and Information Science from Kent State University.