How Libraries Enable New Discoveries with Text and Data Mining

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Recorded on 03/31/2020

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research


From healthcare to business to social sciences to humanities, text and data mining (TDM) is becoming crucial to research in nearly every discipline. TDM is a technology that enables researchers to discover patterns and gain insights from massive data sets – data sets that would otherwise be impossible to analyze. Researchers are using it to understand trends in politics, international relations, disease – and discover fascinating patterns in centuries-old literature and contemporary articles. 

Caleb Rawson, Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of Arkansas, is one of the many researchers who’s working with his university library to answer new questions with TDM. In this compelling webinar, Dr. Rawson will talk about his just-completed project to analyze how public firms communicate information and how that information is reported in the media. “One of my greatest research challenges is working with a corpus of millions of news articles, organizing the relevant content and matching it to other data,” he says, “and TDM [helped] me find patterns in data in a way that’s consistent, reliable, and in a way that makes sense.” 

Attend this session and learn how you can implement TDM to help your researchers make career-defining discoveries in their fields. And be among the first to see the new ProQuest TDM Studio, launching in the second quarter of 2020. TDM Studio empowers researchers to create their own content sets for TDM with the most sought-after content for text analysis, including contemporary newspaper data. 


Caleb Rawson
Assistant Professor of Accounting
University of Arkansas 

Caleb Rawson is an Assistant Professor of Accounting in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. His research interests are broadly focused on voluntary disclosure, managerial incentives, and institutional ownership. His research on CEO employment gaps has been published in the Journal of Accounting Research. Some of his current research projects include examining how (and why) firms disclose proprietary investment information, why firms provide press releases, and the implications of index ownership on managers’ financial reporting decisions. Outside of work, Caleb and his wife Sarah enjoy hiking in the Ozarks, visiting Crystal Bridges and the Walton Arts Center, cheering on the Razorback basketball team, and exploring everything that Northwest Arkansas has to offer! 

Mindy Pozenel
Director of Product Management

Mindy leads product management for TDM Studio. With a background in environmental engineering, Mindy has a passion for improving people’s lives through technology. She has spent the majority of her career leading projects to build innovative solutions for searching large data sets and improving the academic research workflow. Mindy led the creation of a data mining tool at SGI, launched a new discovery product at OCLC and researcher efficiency tools at CAS, and owned her own company. She holds a BS from Purdue University and an MBA from Ohio State University.