How Dissertations Inspire Better Research and Learning—Help Researchers Broaden and Deepen Their Sources

Sponsored by ProQuest
Recorded on 05/14/2019

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research


Are your researchers and faculty missing out on important primary research? Even if they are using your online catalog or Google Scholar they may be solely focused on a small set of research articles, missing important scholarly research.

This webinar presents a research workflow that highlights what can be added by jumping into primary research. ProQuest’s Dissertations & Theses inform the full range of academic disciplines, from “High Resolution 2D Imaging and 3D Scanning with Line Sensors” to “The Analysis of Nursing Shortages and Turnover Issues in Healthcare Organizations, and the Identification of Best Practices in Nursing Recruitment and Retention.”

Learn strategies for discovering additional sources using dissertations’ extensive bibliographies, how hard-to-find information like negative results can surface in a dissertation search, and how providing access to dissertations and theses helps support researchers in fields that don’t rely primarily on journals, like the Arts and Humanities.


Theresa Laveck
Product Marketing Manager