Helping Researchers Navigate Preprint Literature: Introducing the Preprint Citation Index on the Web of Science Platform

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Recorded on 12/14/2022

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

How can libraries help researchers confidently find the latest breakthroughs using preprint literature?


For researchers focused on today’s urgent global challenges, access to preprints can significantly speed up scientific progress. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of shortened publication timelines, but also the challenges of using non-peer-reviewed sources. With increased attention on preprints, how can you help your researchers confidently include unreviewed papers in their research process?

Join this session to learn how Clarivate has partnered with leading repositories to develop a new Preprint Citation Index on the Web of Science platform launching soon. With more than 2 million preprints at launch, this new Index helps libraries support their researchers to find the latest breakthroughs and confidently assess preprint literature across disciplines.

Hear from John Inglis from the bioRxiv print repository, and Francesca Buckland, Director of Product Management for Web of Science, on how the Preprint Citation Index can:

  • Simplify the process of evaluating preprint quality
  • Provide an understanding of a preprint author’s publishing history in journals selected by Clarivate’s editorial experts
  • Notify researchers when new findings are available
  • Connect researchers from preprint to other scholarly sources


  • Image of John Inglis

    John Inglis

    CofounderbioRxiv and medRxiv

    John Inglis is a faculty member of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, cofounder of the preprint servers bioRxiv and medRxiv, and founding executive director and publisher of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CHSL Press). He has a PhD in immunology from the University of Edinburgh Medical School and was formerly an editor of The Lancet before founding the monthly review journal Immunology, (now Trends in Immunology).

  • Image of Francesca Buckland

    Francesca Buckland

    Director of Product ManagementWeb of Science

    Francesca Buckland is Director of Product Management for the Web of Science. She joined Clarivate in 2018 after holding product roles at Elsevier and Mendeley, where she was responsible for researcher workflows, recommendations, and updates. Francesca also has experience in grants management at the Royal Society in the UK and academic publishing.

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