Harnessing the power of primary sources: How libraries empower innovative teaching strategies

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Recorded on 03/21/2024

Posted in Primary Sources and Special Collections

Explore strategies for harnessing the strengths of traditional and non-traditional primary sources to enhance learning opportunities for students.

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Join us for an informative session tailored for librarians eager to support primary source research and teaching initiatives in the modern academic landscape. From historical records to tee-shirts, we will explore innovative strategies for harnessing the strengths of both traditional and non-traditional primary sources to enrich interdisciplinary curriculum and enhance learning opportunities for a new generation of students.

Our speakers will share:

  • Strategies for academics to tap into library resources and archives to create digital histories
  • Innovative approaches to engage and inspire students with creative assignments using primary sources
  • Techniques for integrating unique, overlooked non-traditional sources into scholarly research, unlocking fresh perspectives and enriching academic discourse.

Don’t miss out on practical insights and fresh perspectives to enhance your library’s impact.


  • Kathleen Hilliard

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Education, Department of HistoryIowa State University
  • Susie Woo

    Professor of American StudiesCalifornia State University, Fullerton
  • Lisa Arellano

    Visiting ProfessorMills College at Northeastern University

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