Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Research Analytics

Sponsored by Ex Libris
Recorded on 10/12/2021

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

Learn how timely, data-rich information can provide actionable insights into scholarly communication.


Supporting your research enterprise without the information you need might feel like walking in the dark…

Timely, data-rich information can shed some light and provide actionable insights into scholarly communication. 

Join this session to learn how Ex Libris Esploro’s analytics help research institutions gain a comprehensive view and actionable insights into scholarly communication, research activities, funding, and impact. 

Topics will include:

  • Connecting data points – what data is available and what insights you can obtain out of it
  • The role of the research library – partnering with stakeholders to inform institutional research strategy
  • Putting analytics into practice – best practices and examples


  • Image of Dr. Sara Branch

    Dr. Sara Branch

    Research Solutions Expert Ex Libris
  • Image of Jeff Horon

    Jeff Horon

    Director of Research Information SolutionsEx Libris