Evolving Strategic Partnerships for Teaching and Learning in the Academic Ecosystem

Sponsored by Credo Reference
Recorded on 11/13/2018

Posted in Library Instruction

Today’s college students are inundated with information that they encounter online and in-person. How do they make sense and make use of such information for their research? How can academic librarians foster an inquisitive learning culture? Instruction services have become important strategic priorities for academic libraries to consider. Now more than ever, librarians play a catalytic role in teaching information literacy, research, and critical thinking skills. From fact-checking to active learning techniques, librarians can promote information literacy as a transformative learning experience in collaboration with teaching faculty and other strategic partners beyond the one-shot workshop.

In this webinar, Dr. Nicole A. Cooke and Raymond Pun will share best practices, ideas, and approaches to proactively support teaching and learning initiatives through innovative educational programs and developments. From social justice to service-learning to sustainability, Raymond Pun will explore the opportunities to integrate important themes, activities, and exercises into the library’s instruction program, and to strategize ways to enhance the library’s role as a teaching partner. Approaches to creating a successful IL program from Credo’s IL Strategy Handbook will be explored as well. Dr. Nicole A. Cooke will provide opening remarks on the state of information literacy today from an LIS educator’s perspective.


Dr. Nicole A. Cooke
Associate Professor
School of Information Sciences
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Nicole A. Cooke is an associate professor at the School of Information Sciences at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, having graduated from Rutgers University with a PhD in communication, information, and library studies in 2012 (where she was an ALA Spectrum Doctoral Fellow). Previously, she was a tenured instruction librarian at Montclair State University’s Sprague Library. Her research and teaching interests include human information behavior (particularly in the online context), critical cultural information studies, and diversity and social justice in librarianship (with an emphasis on infusing them into LIS education and pedagogy). She is the 2017 recipient of the ALA Achievement in Library Diversity Research Award and the 2016 recipient of the ALA Equality Award and the Larine Y. Cowan Make a Difference Award for Teaching and Mentoring in Diversity. In 2007 she was named a Mover & Shaker by Library Journal. Cooke is the author of the book, Information Services to Diverse Populations: Developing Culturally Competent Library Professionals (Libraries Unlimited, 2016), co-editor of the book, Teaching for Justice: Implementing Social Justice in the LIS Classroom (Litwin Books/Library Juice Press, 2017), and co-author of the book, Instructional Strategies and Techniques for Information Professionals (Chandos Press, 2012). Her latest book is Fake News and Alternative Facts: Information Literacy in a Post-Truth Era (ALA Editions, 2018).

Raymond Pun
Instruction/Research Librarian
Alder Graduate School of Education

Raymond Pun is the inaugural instruction/research librarian at Alder Graduate School of Education, and a doctoral student in educational leadership at California State University (CODEL). Ray has presented nationally and internationally and has published widely including four co-edited volumes such as The First-Year Experience Cookbook (ACRL Publications, 2017) and Asian American Librarians and Library Services (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). He is an active member of ALA, ACRL, IFLA, SLA, CALA, REFORMA and APALA. He is a recipient of numerous professional awards and recognitions including ALA’s Achievement in Library Diversity Research Award (2018), The Library Journal’s Mover and Shaker profile (2012), and ALA’s Emerging Leader (2014). Ray holds an M.L.S from City University of New York Queens College, an M.A. in East Asian Studies and a B.A. in History from St. John’s University. You can also tweet him at @raypun101.