eBooks can do that? Customize your academic library with digital.

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Recorded on 03/06/2018

Posted in Ebooks and Digital Resources


Join us for a free webinar to learn how a customized digital collection addresses space, access and relevancy issues in your academic library. Digital curation should be simple and flexible. Reporting and catalog integration should be easy and robust. Students need comprehensive access to the best in popular reading, university presses, videos and more. Archivist/Reference Librarian Paul Huffman of Lindenwood University (MO), shares his perspective on how Lindenwood uses eBooks and audiobooks to meet student demand and boost engagement. Rob Rando details how to design a customized eBook and audiobook collection for your campus community, and provides a demonstration of the OverDrive student user experience and librarian interface. Register today!


Paul Huffman

Paul Huffman has been the University Archivist at Lindenwood since 2007. He has degrees from Lindenwood University and the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to working at Lindenwood, Paul interned at the Missouri History Museum and the St. Louis branch of the Missouri State Archives.

Rob Rando

Rob joined Overdrive in 2017. He helps academic libraries provide specific and relevant eBook and audiobook content to their students. Rob joined the OverDrive team because of his passion for reading and desire to help libraries continue to offer the best products for their students and patrons. He is currently reading Grit by Angela Duckworth (great book for business students!).