Driving Student Success: Leveraging Technology to Connect Libraries, Faculty and Students

Sponsored by Ex Libris, Part of Clarivate
Recorded on 11/09/2023

Posted in Library Instruction

How can the library work with students and faculty to improve communication and collaboration across campus?

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With their day-to-day interactions with students and faculty across disciplines, libraries are positioned to directly impact student success, supporting a key component of nearly all university missions.

But libraries can’t do it by themselves: it takes partnership with both students and faculty.

Join us for an insightful discussion about the findings of three global surveys of librarians, faculty and students on the topic of student achievement. We’ll examine how faculty and the library perceive and work with each other and take a deep dive into what students say they need to be successful – particularly when it comes to accessing and using course materials.

Our panelists will share recommendations for how to improve communication and collaboration across campus, focusing particularly on barriers faculty and library staff experience in integrating library resources into coursework – and why, for students, it is imperative to their success that these barriers are overcome.


  • Image of Zara Lawson

    Zara Lawson

    Director of Research and Research DevelopmentAlterline

    Zara is a Research Director at Alterline with over 10 years’ experience in student experience research. She has worked across a wide range of Alterline’s higher education and commercial sector projects, bringing both quantitative and qualitative research alive for clients with meaningful recommendations and deliverables.

  • Image of Jessie Ransom

    Jessie Ransom

    Senior Product ManagerEx Libris Leganto

    Jessie Ransom is the Senior Manager of Product Management at Ex Libris, overseeing Leganto, the course materials solution. Her role involves collaborating with libraries worldwide to gain insights into their objectives and obstacles related to facilitating teaching and learning. Jessie strategically guides the development of Leganto to ensure it aligns with the evolving requirements of libraries. She earned her MLIS from the University of Washington and boasts an impressive 9-year tenure at Ex Libris.

  • Image of Matthew Sherlock

    Matthew Sherlock

    Product Strategy DirectorEx Libris campusM

    Matt Sherlock is a seasoned professional in the field of higher education and technology. In 2015, he assumed the role of Director of Product Strategy at Ex Libris, a leading innovator in educational technology solutions. Based in the United Kingdom, Matt plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of the renowned campusM Platform, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and excellence.

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