Designing Meaningful Experiences for Digital Natives

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Recorded on 03/09/2023

Posted in Ebooks and Digital Resources

How can librarians and educators create a user experience that meets the needs of Gen Z and Gen Alpha students?


Generation Z students (born between 1997 and 2012) and their successors, Generation Alpha (born 2010 to 2024), have been born into a world of nearly universal use of digital technology, ubiquitous internet access and ever-improving smartphone applications. These so-called “digital natives” are an intriguing mix of traits – with short attention spans and over-confidence in their information literacy, but also noted for their work ethic and commitment to global issues. These are generations that present both challenges and opportunities to educators and librarians eager to help them reach their academic and professional goals.

Join us as we explore Gen Z and Gen Alpha populations and discuss how new developments in AI, along with traditional methods of deep UX research, can bring new and exciting user experiences that were not possible for earlier generations. We’ll take an intriguing journey into how digital resources are advancing to create meaningful experiences that meet the needs, preferences, and expectations of these born-digital generations.


  • Image of Lane Bowman

    Lane Bowman

    Senior UX Designer Clarivate
  • Image of Christie Heitkamp

    Christie Heitkamp

    Senior UX Designer Clarivate

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