Data-Driven Collection Development: The Approval Plan in Today’s Academic Library

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Recorded on 05/02/2019

Posted in Collection Development and Management


The value of an approval plan in today’s academic library has become a much-debated topic. While approval plans were initially designed to support the acquisition of print books, the amount of digital content, as well as the number of acquisition models, has grown exponentially over the past two decades. As collection development technologies have evolved, the approval plan has evolved with them, supporting not only print book acquisitions, but also e-book acquisitions, notifications of newly published books, DDA pools, and more. How do approval plans support digital content acquisition, and what are the true values of an approval plan in today’s library?

Join this webinar to learn about the different facets of an approval plan, and how they are more important than ever in today’s complex acquisition environment. Hear from Simona G. Tabacaru, Collection Development Librarian at Texas A&M University Libraries and Christine Fischer, Head of Technical Services at UNC Greensboro University Libraries, in a discussion with Ashley Bailey, Director of Collection Development and Workflow Solutions at GOBI Library Solutions.


Simona G. Tabacaru
Collection Development Librarian
Texas A&M University

Christine Fischer
Head of Technical Services
UNC Greensboro University Libraries

Ashley Fast
Director of Collection Development and Workflow Solutions
GOBI Library Solutions