Closing the Gap Between Open Access and Subscription Content

Sponsored by Alexander Street, a ProQuest company
Recorded on 09/28/2017

Posted in Open Access and Open Educational Resources


With the growth of open access, a schism between open and paid resources has arisen in academic publishing. This division is counter-productive to finding and accessing the most relevant resources for research. To close the gap, publishers, libraries and archives are working together to explore new methods of integrating open access and for-fee content that will enable scholars and students to have a comprehensive view of their disciplines. This webinar will explore two case studies of open access initiatives, Anthropology Commons and the Open Music Library, that are taking innovative approaches to publishing content that will offer integrated research and discovery experiences.


André Avorio

André Avorio is the creator and director of the Open Music Library initiative at Alexander Street. He is a digital innovator specializing in online collaboration and open platforms, working in the intersection of business strategy, digital technologies and user experience. André is a graduate of the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute. He has led digital transformation and product development projects in Brazil, the US and the UK. Learn more about him at

Jenna Makowski

Jenna Makowski is a senior editor at Alexander Street. She is responsible for licensing, curating, managing and developing the Anthropology collections, a multimedia portfolio designed to help scholars discover and use content relevant to their research. She specializes in archival digitization and publication initiatives. Jenna is a graduate of the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Institute at Indiana University. Learn more about her at