Building a digital library to support remote learning during COVID-19

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Recorded on 10/08/2020

Posted in Collection Development and Management


When colleges and universities closed their campuses in March in response to the global pandemic, students, faculty and staff increasingly turned to their academic libraries’ digital collections of ebooks and audiobooks. Join three OverDrive staff librarians as they share best practices for responding to this increased demand for digital and provide an industry-wide view of ebook usage in academic libraries. These valuable data-driven insights and creative strategies will provide a useful path forward for colleges and universities of all shapes and sizes.


  • Image of Lindsey Levinsohn

    Lindsey Levinsohn

    Account ManagerOverDrive

    Lindsey Levinsohn is an Account Manager at OverDrive, working with academic, corporate, and special libraries. Prior to joining the OverDrive team, she worked in public libraries as a collection development and technical services manager. Lindsey holds a master’s in library and Information Science from Kent State University.

  • Image of Jill Grunenwald

    Jill Grunenwald

    Marketing SpecialistOverDrive

    Jill Grunenwald is a Marketing and Communications Specialist at OverDrive and co-host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast. Prior to joining OverDrive in 2015, she worked in public, academic, and special libraries. She has a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Kentucky.

  • Image of Rachel Kray

    Rachel Kray

    Content SpecialistOverDrive

    Rachel Kray joined OverDrive in 2012 after a decade of working in public libraries and museums. As a Content Specialist, she works with libraries across the globe helping to build and curate their digital collections. She holds an MLIS from Kent State University.

  • Image of Lynn Bycko

    Lynn Bycko

    Content SpecialistOverDrive

    Lynn Bycko joined OverDrive in 2019 after 30 years working in academic library public service. As a Content Specialist, she works with European libraries to build their digital collections. She holds a BA in History, Political Science and Modern Languages, and attained an MA in Public History.