Beyond the Budget Crunch: Building an Affordable Collection with a Multi-Model Approach

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Recorded on 04/11/2024

Posted in Collection Development and Management

Learn how librarians are navigating budget constraints while ensuring sustainability and accessibility in their library collections.


Amidst evolving budgets, librarians have found creative, sustainable ways to meet faculty requests and maximize exposure to collections. Join the speakers as they explore core benefits and risks of various content acquisition models that have worked for them. Discover strategies for navigating budget constraints while ensuring sustainability and accessibility. Dive into the role of open access in library collections, weighing its benefits and drawbacks against the need for diverse content. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the future of library collections.


  • Image of Malaika Grant

    Malaika Grant

    Librarian for English and American Literature, African and African American Studies, Cultural Studies and Comparative LiteratureUniversity of Minnesota
  • Image of Laura McMahon

    Laura McMahon

    Account ManagerOverDrive

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