Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic libraries: How new AI services can support your library users

Sponsored by Springer Nature
Recorded on 02/22/2022

Posted in Library Technology and IT

What are current Artificial Intelligence initiatives, developments, and projects in academic librarianship?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in libraries is not a new topic. AI has penetrated the world of librarians and expanded over the last few years. At Springer Nature, we see and follow these developments and trends closely to learn where we can add value to the library community.

In this webinar, we will introduce two AI initiatives from the Springer Nature Lab that provide benefits to library users, including readers, authors, and lecturers:

  1. AI-Generated Literature Overview as a Service: an auto-summarization tool with the aim of providing authors with a literature review.
  2. Scriptinator Content Discovery Tool: a file upload-based tool (such as lecture notes), where an algorithm identifies keywords and glossaries, connecting them with relevant SN content. Aims to provide students with reliable, high value content in a fast and personalized way.

Join the session to learn more about current AI initiatives, developments, and projects in academic librarianship. Furthermore, we would like to hear your first-hand feedback about interests, needs, and practical implications of AI services in libraries. Webinar topics will also include:

  • What opportunities can AI services provide and for whom?
  • Where are the challenges from a librarian point of view?
  • What is the impact on content discovery?


  • Janina Krieger

    Project ManagerSpringer Nature