Answer Complex Research Questions by Promoting Cross-Department Collaborations

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Recorded on 10/20/2022

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research

How can libraries best support complex interdisciplinary research efforts?


The largest and most complex research questions often cross disciplines and departments and the library can be a natural guide for interdisciplinary collaborations. In this webinar you will hear a faculty researcher discuss a collaborative project at Boston College that brought together researchers in epidemiology, education, and computer science across three different colleges. You will also hear from a librarian at the University of Toronto, who will discuss the types of projects that are combining computer sciences with social sciences, business, and more, and how they support text and data analysis in conjunction with content discovery.

Kara Handren, Data Librarian at the University of Toronto, will discuss the types of text and data mining projects that are being conducted and how the library has made themselves a destination for support and guidance in this area.

The interdisciplinary team at Boston College seeks to understand why research on health disparities and inequities isn’t widely continued after graduate studies. Dr. Emily Prud’hommeaux will share their methodology, including how text and data mining of dissertations helped them to identify opportunities and obstacles to extending this area of research.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn how some institutions are promoting internal collaboration projects and how collaborative research tools make it easier for departments to join forces.
  • See examples and recommendations from the library regarding the best resources to help support text and data mining projects.
  • Understand how libraries can support complex interdisciplinary research efforts across the whole campus by connecting text and data mining tools to content within their existing subscriptions.


  • Kara Handren

    Data Librarian, Map & Data LibraryUniversity of Toronto
  • Emily Prud’hommeaux

    Gianinno Family Sesquicentennial Assistant Professor, Computer ScienceBoston College
  • Mindy Pozenel

    Director of Product Management, TDM StudioProQuest, Part of Clarivate

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