Across Curricula—Primary Sources and Humanities are Gaining STEAM

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Recorded on 03/19/2019

Posted in Primary Sources and Special Collections


The pendulum is swinging in higher education as STEM gives way to STEAM and the importance of humanities training to students across the curriculum is being recognized. A growing chorus of voices is heralding humanities coursework, with its focus on primary sources, as the path to developing the critical thinking skills demanded in a world where technology presents dilemmas that defy easy answers. Attend this fascinating webinar as we share real stories of how exposure to humanities and primary sources impact learning and research outcomes. Gain new inspiration for your collection-building strategy.

Barbara Olson

Lead Product Marketing Manager

Barbara Olson is a Lead Product Marketing Manager for ProQuest, responsible for the 400+ Primary Sources and Historical Collections in the ProQuest portfolio. Barbara has over 30 years of marketing experience that includes digital marketing, database marketing and market research. At ProQuest since 2011, Barbara has held many roles including managing the North America Product Marketing team. Prior to her tenure at ProQuest, Barbara was the Marketing Director at the University of Michigan Business School – Executive Education.

Daniel Lewis

Senior Product Manager

Daniel Lewis is a Senior Product Manager for ProQuest focusing on History Vault. Daniel has worked with the content in History Vault since 1999 and played a major role in the original design and development of History Vault. Since the launch of History Vault in 2011, Daniel has been responsible for the addition of new collections to History Vault and improvements to the History Vault interface. Daniel has worked with several advisers and with many archival institutions to digitize important collections. Daniel received a B.A. from Williams College with a major in History and an M.A. from American University. At American, Daniel studied labor and civil rights and served as a teaching fellow to Bernice Johnson Reagan. He also received an archives fellowship to the George Meany Memorial Archives and a junior fellowship to the Library of Congress where he helped with the processing of the NAACP Records collection.