Academic insights: Discover how Skidmore College amplifies its special collections

Sponsored by JSTOR, part of nonprofit ITHAKA
Recorded on 03/14/2024

Posted in Primary Sources and Special Collections

Witness firsthand how Skidmore College’s special collections transcend paywalls, granting researchers open access to primary source materials alongside relevant scholarly content.


Academic and research libraries are in the midst of a profound transformation, redefining their strategies to support the next generation of learning, instruction, and scholarly exploration. With collections increasingly shifting towards digital formats, the key challenge lies in seamlessly integrating these resources into academic workflows. This shift to a services-first model demands innovative solutions to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and impact of locally curated collections.

Enter JSTOR, part of nonprofit ITHAKA, whose mission is expanding access to knowledge and education globally. Through collaborative efforts and strategic hypotheses, we’re continuing to reshape the landscape of digital collections management, focusing on improving accessibility, contextualization, and impact.

On Thursday, March 14, 2024, at 2:00-3:00 PM ET, join us as we delve into how these partnerships amplify the reach of special collections, enriching research and learning experiences on a global scale. Bruce Heterick, Senior Vice President of Open Collections & Infrastructure, ITHAKA, will showcase the collaborative efforts between JSTOR and esteemed institutions like Skidmore College. With one of our objectives being to seamlessly integrate into existing institutional workflows and systems, David Seiler, Head of Digital Projects and Collections at Skidmore College, will then lead us through their journey of openly sharing special collections on JSTOR.

Explore Skidmore’s diverse collections, cultivated through cross-departmental collaboration, spanning three distinct areas of digitization efforts. With over 1,300 items across five collections, many showcasing the invaluable contributions of women throughout Skidmore’s history, timed perfectly for Women’s History Month. Witness firsthand how these collections—seamlessly integrated into JSTOR’s platform—transcend paywalls, granting researchers unrestricted access to primary source materials alongside a vast array of journals, books, and images.

Gain insights into preliminary results and the impact of their initiatives, and learn how you, too, can join the digital transformation.


  • Image of Bruce Heterick

    Bruce Heterick

    Senior Vice President, Open Collections & InfrastructureJSTOR, part of nonprofit ITHAKA
  • Image of David Seiler

    David Seiler

    Head of Digital Projects and CollectionsSkidmore College

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