A Librarian’s Guide to MathSciNet

Sponsored by EBSCO and the American Mathematical Society
Recorded on 03/23/2021

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research


MathSciNet is the most accurate and reliable guide to the literature of mathematics, with extensive coverage of both pure and applied research. Learn how to help your patrons make best use of its many useful features, and get a look at how the database is created and maintained. Mathematical Reviews Executive Editor Edward Dunne and EBSCO Product Manager George Hurvitt will cover both MathSciNet via EBSCOhost and also drill down into the native MathSciNet interface for a look at its unique functionality.


  • Image of Edward Dunne, Ph.D.

    Edward Dunne, Ph.D.

    Executive Editor of Mathematical ReviewsAmerican Mathematical Society

    Edward Dunne is the Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews at the American Mathematical Society. Previously, he was an editor for the AMS Book Program for 17 years. Before working for the AMS, he had an academic career working at Rice University, Oxford University, and Oklahoma State University. In 1990-91, he worked for Springer-Verlag in Heidelberg. His Ph.D. is from Harvard. He received a world-class liberal arts education as an undergraduate at Santa Clara University.

  • Image of George Hurvitt, MBA

    George Hurvitt, MBA

    Product ManagerEBSCO Information Services

    George Hurvitt leads product development for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics databases at EBSCO Information Services. Their background is in sustainable business and agricultural startups. George works with partners like the American Mathematical Society who provide world-class indices, to foster engagement with users and better understand their research goals.