Emerging from COVID-19 – A Green Transition: Ensuring a Fair and Equitable Recovery

Sponsored by OECD iLibrary
Recorded on 05/25/2021

Posted in Scholarly Communication and Research


The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the urgency of addressing together the dual challenges of inequality and environmental degradation. With a resurgence from governments to put a green transition at the core of the COVID-19 recovery, it is vital that future policies addressing environmental degradation are both green and people centered. This is especially important in investment in human capital; through active labor market policies, well-targeted income measures, and upgrading skills to facilitate labor reallocation.  

Join the OECD iLibrary and ACRL, as we discuss how governments can implement policies that evenly distribute the costs of a green transition, with a focus on targeting those who are disproportionately impacted by environmental degradation. The discussion will draw on data and analysis from the recent OECD report “The Inequalities-Environment Nexus.”


  • Image of Romina Boarini

    Romina Boarini

    DirectorOECD Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE) 

    Romina Boarini is the Director of WISE: the Center for Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity. She was previously Head of Inclusive Growth and Senior Advisor to the OECD Secretary-General. She launched the Framework for Policy Action on Inclusive Growth and the Business for Inclusive Growth. She is currently co-steering the OECD’s horizontal initiatives on Impact Measurement.

    Ms. Boarini, an Italian national, holds a PhD in Economics from the École Polytechnique (Paris) and her Research Interests include: Well-being, Poverty, Education and Behavioral Economics.

  • Image of Kumi Kitamori

    Kumi Kitamori

    Head of Green Growth and Global Relations DivisionOECD Environment

    Kumi Kitamori is Head of Green Growth & Global Relations Division at the OECD Environment Directorate. In this role she oversees the mainstreaming of green growth in the work of various policy committees of the OECD in member and other partner countries. 

    Ms. Kitamori, a Japanese national, holds BA and MS in development and economics from New York University and London School of Economics.