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Toward Inclusive Excellence is proud to present this latest contribution to our growing archive of DEIA resources: a resource list on understanding mental health through diversity frameworks. The comprehensive texts included here address the complexity of navigating mental health considerations through interpersonal relationships, patient-practitioner relationships, and even within the workplace. During the holiday season, which can be an especially fraught time of the year, these considerations may be especially important. Of course, mental health also remains a timely topic throughout the year, especially in a year when layoffs are affecting so many people. Whatever your reason for perusing these resources, there is much to take away from these insightful studies.

Accounting for Race and Ethnicity

  1. American Indian and Alaska Native Children and Mental Health: Development, Context, Prevention, and Treatment (2011) edited by Michelle C. Sarche et al.
  2. Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (1981) by James H. Jones
  3. Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body, and Spirit (2020) by Mary Frances Winters
  4. Black Health Matters: The Vital Facts You Must Know to Protect Your Health and That of Your Loved Ones (2021) by Richard W. Walker, Jr., MD
  5. Becoming Culturally Oriented: Practical Advice for Psychologists and Educators (2007) Nadya A. Fouad and Patricia Arredondo
  6. Black Mental Health Matters: The Ultimate Guide for Mental Health Awareness in the Black Community (2020) by Aaren Snyder
  7. Counseling Diversity in Context (2017) by Jason Brown
  8. Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, 9th ed. (2022) by Derald Wing Sue, David Sue, Helen A. Neville, and Laura Smith
  9. Decolonizing Global Mental Health: The Psychiatrization of the Majority World (2014) by China Mills
  10. Handbook of Multicultural Measures (2011) by Glenn C. Gamst, Christopher T. H. Liang, and Aghop Der-Karabetian
  11. A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies (2022) edited by Kimber Shelton, Michelle King Lyn, and Mahlet Endale
  12. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (2010) by Rebecca Skloot
  13. Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present (2006) by Harriet A. Washington
  14. Mental Health Care for Urban Indians: Clinical Insights from Native Practitioners (2006) edited by Tawa M. Witko
  15. Microaggressions and Marginality: Manifestation, Dynamics, and Impact (2010) edited by Derald Wing Sue
  16. Racism and Psychiatry: Contemporary Issues and Interventions (2019) edited by Morgan M. Medlock, Derri Shtasel, Nhi-Ha T. Trinh, and David R. Williams
  17. Sociocultural Issues in Psychiatry: A Casebook and Curriculum (2019) edited by Nhi-Ha T. Trinh and Justin A. Chen
  18. Stigma and Prejudice: Touchstones in Understanding Diversity in Healthcare (2016) edited by Ranna Parekh and Ed W. Childs
  19. The Return of the Sun: Suicide and Reclamation Among Inuit of Arctic Canada (2019) by Michael J. Kral
  20. The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health: Navigate an Unequal System, Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness, and Get the Help you Deserve (2020) by Rheeda Walker
  21. Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do (2010) by Claude M. Steele

Workplace Mental Health

  1. The Art of Authenticity: Tools to Become an Authentic Leader and Your Best Self (2016) by Karissa Thacker
  2. Caring for the Elderly at Work and Home: Can a Randomized Organizational Intervention Improve Psychological Health?” (2019) by Ellen Ernst Kossek et al. (paywalled)
  3. Complaint! (2021) by Sara Ahmed
  4. Effects of a Total Worker Health® Leadership Intervention on Employee Well-Being and Functional Impairment” (2021) by Leslie B. Hammer et al. (paywalled)
  5. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (2019) by Daniel Goleman
  6. Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Employers and Employees (2020) by Gill Hasson and Donna Butler
  7. Mental Health in the Workplace: Strategies and Tools to Optimize Outcomes (2019) edited by Michelle B. Riba, Sagar V. Parikh, and John F. Greden
  8. The Missing Link: The Role of the Workplace in Mental Health” (2022) by Leslie B. Hammer, Shalene J. Allen, and Jennifer K. Dimoff (paywalled)
  9. Primal Leadership, With a New Preface by the Authors: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, 10th anniversary ed. (2013) by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee
  10. Reframing Diversity and Inclusive Leadership: Race, Gender and Institutional Change (forthcoming, 2023 from SUNY Press) by Seth N. Asumah and M. Nagel
  11. Self-reflection in leadership – Part 1: Ambitions, Values and Personality” (2019) by Palena Neale
  12. Self-Reflection and Action in Leadership – Part 2: Thinking Styles, EI & Making it happen” (2019) by Palena Neale

Contending With Other Forms of Marginalization or Misunderstanding

  1. Gender, Psychology, and Justice: The Mental Health of Women and Girls in the Legal System (2017) edited by Corinne C. Datchi and Julie R. Ancis
  2. Homelessness and Mental Health (2022) edited by João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, Antonio Ventriglio, and Dinesh Bhugra
  3. How People Matter: Why It Affects Health, Happiness, Love, Work, and Society (2021) by Isaac Prilleltensky and Ora Prilleltensky
  4. Institutionalizing Gender: Madness, the Family, and Psychiatric Power in Nineteenth-Century France (2020) by Jessie Hewitt
  5. Lives and Legacies of People with Intellectual Disability (2020) by Kenneth D. Keith and Heather E. Keith
  6. Multicultural Approaches to Health and Wellness in America, 2 vol. (2014) edited by Regan A. R. Gurung
  7. The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain (2011) by Thomas Armstrong
  8. Sexual Orientation and Mental Health: Examining Identity and Development in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People (2006) edited by Allen M. Omoto and Howard S. Kurtzman
  9. The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology (2019) edited by Kieran C. O’Doherty and Darrin Hodgetts
  10. Trans and Non-Binary Gender Healthcare for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Other Health Professionals (2020) by Christina Richards and James Barrett

TIE is grateful to the following Choice reviewers and scholars who graciously contributed specialized recommendations to the list above:

Seth Asumah headshot

Dr. Seth N. Asumah

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor; Chair and Professor of Africana Studies; Professor of Political Science, SUNY Cortland

Headshot of Dr. Tosha A. Asumah

Dr. Tosha A. Asumah

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Headshot of Dr. Sara Black

Dr. Sara Black

Assistant Professor, History, Christopher Newport University

Headshot of Dr. Glenn C. Gamst

Dr. Glenn C. Gamst

Chair and Professor of Psychology, University of La Verne

Headshot of Dr. Leslie Hammer

Dr. Leslie B. Hammer

Professor, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences

Co-Director, Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences

Mihoko Hosoi's headshot

Mihoko Hosoi

Associate Dean for Collections Research and Scholarly Communications, Pennsylvania State University

Headshot of Dr. Kenneth Keith

Dr. Kenneth Keith

Professor Emeritus, Psychological Sciences, University of San Diego

Mecke Nagel headshot

Dr. Mecke Nagel

Professor, Philosophy and Africana Studies; Director, Center for Ethics, Peace, and Social Justice, SUNY Cortland

Headshot of Dr. Randall E. Osborne

Dr. Randall E. Osborne

Professor, Psychology; Honorary Professor of International Studies, Texas State University 

Denise Pan's headshot

Denise Pan

Senior Associate Dean for Collections & Strategic Partnerships, University of Washington Libraries

Headshot of Dr. Richard Saunders

Dr. Richard L. Saunders

Professor, Library & Information Science, Southern Utah University

Headshot of Dr. Ryan Warner

Dr. Ryan C. Warner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, RC Warner Consulting, LLC

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