Implementing Marketing Plans in the Academic Library: Rules, Roles, and Definitions

Choice White Paper no. 4

Sponsored by Taylor & Francis Group

Within librarianship today there is a broadly shared consensus that marketing is necessary to the ongoing health of our institutions, public and academic alike. The general agreement appears to be that market forces (the Googles and Amazons of the world, along with the Great Recession and shriveled budgets) require us to become more assertive in arguing for our place and persuading potential users to choose libraries. Yet outside the pages of books and papers such as this, there is very little consensus as to what marketing entails. This white paper addresses these issues within a larger discussion of marketing’s role in the functioning of an academic library; aids in the development of a shared working terminology; draws on actionable examples from academic libraries of different sizes and budgets; and ultimately, seeks to facilitate a broader conversation.

Authored by Emily Hauser.