Diversify your collection using Resources for College Libraries

Resources for College Libraries (RCL) is a time-saving collection management tool that helps libraries diversify collection holdings to meet the changing curriculum and user needs.

Offering more than 125 disciplines and over 90,000 essential titles, RCL helps you build a stronger, more inclusive collection. With RCL, libraries can:

  • Find peer-reviewed materials to support inclusive collection-building, liaison work, and outreach
  • Gather data to demonstrate value and support accreditation, reporting, and fiscal planning
  • Assess and benchmark collection holdings using interdisciplinary subjects like African American Studies, GLBT Studies, Native American Studies, and more with RCL and the Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS)

The interdisciplinary RCL subjects in BBAS were incredibly useful for our diversity collection assessment project. LC classification can be problematic when looking at interdisciplinary topics….but BBAS pulls it all together in one click and provides a more comprehensive and holistic picture of what’s in our collection.

— Melissa Gonzalez, Collection Development Coordinator at the University of West Florida

RCL core titles in Latino Studies

Tips on building diverse collections

Carefully study and tie in your diversifying collection efforts to the university library’s mission statement and/or reorganization efforts in light of socio-cultural shifts in society.

Roberto Delgadillo, RCL Subject Editor for Latino Studies (pictured)

“Pay attention to formerly “fringe” issues or topics that may develop into broader topics of research.” Tim Johnson, RCL Subject Editor for African American Studies

“Build relationships with local student and faculty groups to keep pace with the changing curriculum.” – Ellen Bosman, RCL Subject Editor for GLBT Studies

Watch our webinar on Creating an Inclusive Collection

How can librarians balance core canonical works with a changing college curriculum and the need for new and divergent scholarly voices? Watch our webinar to gain practical information on how to select, evaluate, and maintain diverse library collections.

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