Resources for College Libraries

Learn Best Practices from RCL Subject Librarians

Resources for College Libraries, co-published by Choice and ProQuest, covers the entire two- and four-year college curriculum, providing a list of core titles essential for undergraduate study. RCL is the best solution for academic librarians and faculty looking to build or assess collections, discover the subject literature, and guide students to the most credible scholarly works.

Resources for College Libraries (RCL): Introduction and Overview

Product Features

    • 90,000+ records
    • 125 curriculum-driven subjects
    • 3,500 records added per year
    • Select full-text Choice reviews and OAT identifiers
    • Purchase directly and connect to your local catalog
    • Regularly updated by a team of 75 subject experts
    • Peer-reviewed by over 400 subject librarians and faculty
    • Quality-based metric for collection assessment

Discover Bowker Book Analysis System

Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS) is a powerful collection assessment tool that compares library holdings against the RCL core subject bibliographies and BooksInPrint ebook data. BBAS provides quick and customized collection reports plus data cleansing and enrichment—so you can make better-informed decisions while saving time and resources for your library. Learn more about BBAS.

Diversify your Collection with Resources for College Libraries

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