A New Approach to Info Lit: Lessons in Execution

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Recorded on 05/18/2020
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 126

It’s a crucial question on educators’ minds: How do I get my students to engage with the material? For a subject as timely and essential as information literacy, interest in the area has only grown as misinformation swells, the political divide deepens, and the public faces a relentless 24-hour news cycle just a tap away on their devices—but how can you make sure these lessons stick?

Roz Tedford at Wake Forest University, Dan Chibnall at Drake University, and Sarah Morris at Emory University Libraries have all taken some creative approaches to info lit. Whether it’s blending popular and scholarly sources or viewing late night specials on replication studies (thanks John Oliver!), each underscores how important it is to drill these lessons into students through practical use.

In this third episode, the guests swap best practices, including how to adjust their teaching styles to accommodate their Generation Z, Internet-fluent learners. Tedford, Chibnall, and Morris all hope to empower their students through lessons in logical fallacies, the scientific method, and the importance of legitimate expertise. Chibnall hopes to instill the mindset that, “if the idea does not have any merit, if it’s baseless … all of a sudden you open this door and it’s just an empty closet; there’s nothing in it.”

About the guests:

Rosalind Tedford
Director of Research & Instruction
Wake Forest University

Dan Chibnall
STEM Librarian and Assistant Professor of Librarianship
Drake University

Sarah Morris
Head of Instruction and Engagement
Emory University Libraries

Mila Steele
Senior Publisher of Social Sciences
SAGE Publishing

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