Showing Library ROI with Data: Academic Library Data Trends

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Recorded on 09/25/2019
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 95

Libraries are collecting different data now than they were say, ten years ago. That changes has come in part because of advances in technology and in part because of the way librarians perceptions of their data have changed. Kristen Tepfer of SAGE publishing talks about some of the ways the data she provides to her clients have changed and why it is, while Dr. Carol Tenopir talks through collecting additional survey data to answer the question, “So what?” Dr. Stephanie Evergreen talks data-driven decision making.

About the guests:

Dr. Carol Tenopir
Chancellor’s Professor and Board of Visitors Professor
School of Information Sciences
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dr. Stephanie Evergreen
Evergreen Data

Kristen Tepfer
Executive Marketing Manager
SAGE Publishing

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