Moving from Content Discovery to Delivery: Integrating the Library into Teaching and Research Workflows

Sponsored by SAGE Publishing

Recorded on 06/10/2019
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 86

For students and researchers finding the right article, book, or video, isn’t enough. Gaining access is key. Librarians may come at the question of discover like, well, librarians, instead of thinking through the problem from a student or researcher’s perspective.

This week Bill continues his conversation Karen Phillips, Johan Tilstra, and Richard Griscom about taking on the user’s point of view, how discovery needs to morph into delivery, and how traditional services just aren’t matching up with contemporary user behavior.

About the guests:

Karen Phillips
Senior Vice President Global Learning Resources
SAGE Publishing

Johan Tilstra
Founder & CEO
Lean Library, a SAGE Publishing company

Richard Griscom
Associate University Librarian for Departmental Libraries
Penn Libraries

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