Moving From Content Discovery to Delivery: Trends in Teaching and Research Workflows

Sponsored by SAGE Publishing

Recorded on 06/03/2019
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 85

Researchers’ habits have changed. They expect seamless access to every relevant article or book chapter whether they’re on campus or off. And the way they work is changing libraries. Libraries can offer more content than ever before, but when a researcher reads a relevant article, do they even know the library made that access possible?

Karen Phillips of SAGE Publishing, Johan Tilstra of Lean Library, and Richard Griscom of the University of Pennsylvania libraries, talk through content delivery, library technology, and the skillsets librarians need to deliver. They also discuss how library purchasing can be an expression of the library’s values and what that might look like in a largely digital sphere.

About the guests:

Karen Phillips
Senior Vice President Global Learning Resources
SAGE Publishing

Johan Tilstra
Founder & CEO
Lean Library, a SAGE Publishing company

Richard Griscom
Associate University Librarian for Departmental Libraries
Penn Libraries

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