Addressing the Skills Gap in Tomorrow’s Economy: The Authority File Live at the ACRL Conference

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Recorded on 05/06/2019
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Episode 83

The economy is changing. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 14% of all jobs in OECD countries will will be lost to automation and an additional 32% will likely see “significant changes” due to technology. But technology isn’t the only factor affecting the future of work. In this episode, Iain Williamson from the OECD and Ryan Johnson of Georgetown University lay out the factors shaping the economy of tomorrow and the skills workers will need to adapt to it. They also dig into some of the ways higher education is already changing to meet the challenge through enhanced credentialing programs and a variety of other tactics. Join us for a discussion about the future of work and what it will take for the world’s economies to transition workers to tomorrow’s economies.

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About the guests:

Iain Williamson
Sales & Marketing Manager
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Ryan Johnson
Head, Department of Research Services
Georgetown University Library