Mission-Driven Publishing, A Different Path: The Authority File Live at the ACRL Conference

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Recorded on 04/29/2019
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Episode 82

In the world of scholarly publishing, keep buying up pieces of the publishing infrastructure to streamline workflows and contain costs. Mergers and acquisitions abound. At the same time, Big Deals squeeze library budgets a bit more every year with locked-in price increases. The tension between publishers and librarians has been mounting for years, but only recently have Wiley, Elsevier, and Springer Nature begun to strike transformative agreements to move from paying for subscriptions to paying for publication.

How do university presses fit into this environment? What have the changes meant for them? Emily Farrell and Nick Lindsay talk with Bill Mickey live on the ACRL show floor about the variety of tactics, products, and approaches that the MIT Press is developing and pursuing to transform scholarly publishing from within. Mission-driven publishing turns out to be a vibrant, scrappy enterprise full of surprises exciting new approaches.

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About the guests:

Emily Farrell
Library Sales Executive
The MIT Press

Nick Lindsay
Director of Journals and Open Access
The MIT Press