Big Data: A Case Study From the University of Southern California

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Recorded on 06/13/2018
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 48

In this third of our four episodes about big data research, we continue our conversation by focusing on the The University of Southern California’s library’s day-to-day work with Big Data, and how integral partnerships with researchers are to understanding the individual research questions and the tools necessary to answer them. They also discuss how prevalent big data research is at USC and some of the exciting projects that are currently in the works.

About the guests:

Caroline Muglia

Caroline Muglia is Head, Resource Sharing, Co-Associate Dean, Collections at University of Southern California Libraries.

Ian Mulvaney

Ian Mulvaney is Head of Product Innovation at SAGE Publishing.

Andy Rutkowski

Andy Rutkowski is Visualization Specialist at USC’s Von Kleinsmid Center Library.

Eimmy Solis

Eimmy Solis is Social Sciences Data Librarian at USC’s Von Kleinsmid Center Library.

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