Predatory Publishing Red Flags and Cabells’s Evaluative Criteria

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Recorded on 05/20/2024
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Episode 383

In the third episode of our four-part series on predatory publishing, our guests share key steps of the evaluative process for Cabells Predatory Reports. As Yasmeen Zubair, Journals Manager at Cabells, explains, the 74 criteria help identify a journal’s intent to deceive and are updated according to input from scholars, social media chatter, and emerging trends. In addition, Ruth Bailey, Journal Auditor at Cabells, walks through problematic publishing red flags, such as a lack of plagiarism policies on a journal’s website, quick turnaround times without the appropriate number of staff, and inconsistent publishing schedules. Last, Yasmeen and Ruth share how Cabells’s holistic, evidence-based approach avoids automation and the exploitative—though not necessarily predatory—publishing practices they keep an eye on to stay up to date on the industry.

About the guests:

Ashley Carroll headshot

Ashley Carroll
Project Manager

Ashley is the Project Manager at Cabells. She primarily works with Cabells’ Journals and Marketing teams to promote community engagement and brand recognition. Her background is working in academic and public libraries in a variety of roles, including academic librarianship. She holds a Masters in Information and Library Science from Rutgers University.

Yasmeen Zubair headshot

Yasmeen Zubair
Journals Manager

Yasmeen is the Journals Manager at Cabells. Her role involves overseeing operations of the journal auditing team, developing updates to procedures, and guiding content decisions for the Cabells databases. She lives in Southeast Texas.

Ruth Bailey headshot

Ruth Bailey
Journal Auditor

Ruth is a Journal Auditor at Cabells. She’s responsible for assessing potentially predatory journals for inclusion in the Predatory Reports database. She also updates titles currently listed in Journalytics and assesses new titles for inclusion. Her background is in academic and legal and regulatory publishing and she’s held roles across Editorial and Content Management.

Michael Bisaccio headshot

Mike Bisaccio
Director of Marketing & Communications

Mike Bisaccio is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Cabells, where he is fortunate to work on a diverse mix of projects with researchers and librarians from all areas of academia. He primarily focuses on promoting ethical and sustainable research, fostering academic integrity, and ensuring customer success. Mike has held a variety of editorial, marketing, and communications roles over his more than 20 years in legal, professional, and academic publishing, spending time with LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters, respectively, prior to joining Cabells.

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